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Version Lilo 21.4.4 of LILO

Release Notes: Updates relevant for RAID users were made. 21.4.3 is still current if you are not using RAID. With this release, John Coffman has formally taken over maintenance of LILO from Werner Almesberger. Many thanks are due Werner for his continuing efforts over the years.

    Other releases

    •  19 Feb 2007 11:30

    Release Notes: A maintenance release to add a DEVMAPPER (device_mapper, or LVM2) compilation option. This support is only compiled if the appropriate library and include files are present. This release allows root directory specification using UUID in addition to LABEL. The keyword "nodevcache" has been added to the configuration file.

    •  12 Aug 2006 01:26

    Release Notes: A fatal boot selection bug on systems without a PC/AT keyboard (primarily newer 64-bit systems) when compiled with the NOKEYBOARD option was fixed along with a known table entry error on major device 253.

    •  07 Jul 2006 13:11

    Release Notes: This is a patch file to fix an incorrect table entry that affects major device 253. This device is used by LVM2. The patch file is in the 'updates' directory at the developer's site.

    •  05 Jul 2006 11:10

    Release Notes: Three keywords are added: noraid, nokbdefault, and nokbdisable. The allowed kernel command line has been increased to 512 bytes (from 256). A write-around for a common USB hard disk BIOS problem (sectors reported as zero) is included.

    Release Notes: Supports the Enhanced Multi-Disk (RAID) driver, which is still new to the 2.6 kernel. Drives underlying a full-disk RAID-1 (/dev/md_dXX) array are automatically taken to be "inaccessible" to avoid Volume ID conflicts. This action may be suppressed with the keyword "noraid". A command line switch (-H) allows installation of a boot loader on a degraded RAID-1 (/dev/mdXX) array. See the updated man pages for 'lilo' and 'lilo.conf' for additional information.


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