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  •  23 Jun 2011 20:59

Release Notes: Initial support for Intel Sandy Bridge (Core) in likwid-perfctr. A new application, likwid-perfscope, as a frontend to the timeline mode of likwid-perfctr (experimental). Initial support for OpenMPI in likwid-mpirun. Improvements in likwid-msrD. A native Fortran 90 interface for the Marker API. A complete rewrite of the marker API. Simplified usage. Allows inclusive and overlapping regions. A new output filter subsystem. Allows you to define your own output file formats and filters. By default, comes with CSV and XML formats.

  •  12 Jul 2010 22:20

Release Notes: Countless improvements and fixes against last beta. New features include support for Intel Westmere and initial support for Intel Atom. The preconfigured Event groups are extended for all architectures. Improved documentation for likwid-perfCtr, including use with the marker API.


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