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lihata is a compact textual language which can represent a tree of lists, hashes, and tables. The syntax tries to be minimal and flexible to allow formatting a lihata file to fit the context it represents. The source release contains an event and DoM parser and helper functions for maintaining lihata trees. lihata is a convenient language for both simple and complex configuration files and text representation of data files.

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  •  02 Jul 2013 14:15

Release Notes: Tests revealed many bugs, mainly in tree code. This release focused on fixing them.

  •  06 Apr 2013 10:07

Release Notes: This release cleans up unlink/detach concepts and code. It also implements node replace functionality.

  •  10 Mar 2013 19:08

Release Notes: Most of the missing functionality has been added to the core library. Highlights: tree merge; hash len/del helpers; subtree detach/delete; and build system fixes for better dependency handling in util and example_apps.


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