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Lightflow Rendering Tools

The Lightflow Rendering Tools are a set of tools for advanced photorealistic rendering, aimed both at scientific visualization and artistic or cinematographic animation. Their features include: radiosity, caustics, volumetric rendering, hypertexturing, real displacement mapping, and NURBS. An extension to the Python language that integrates the Lightflow Rendering Tools in a simple scripting environment is available for free as a demo of the future releases.


Recent releases

  •  16 Nov 1999 13:58

    Release Notes: A bug that affected triangles has been fixed, turbulence-based patterns are now platform independent, and the Python Module contains a new tool for reproducing halos due to camera lenses, a new set of examples including an animation, and a FAQ.

    •  02 Nov 1999 16:23

      Release Notes: A surface-engine for very large models with automatic displacement mapping, perfect blobs for organic modeling with infinite precision, better support for caustics on very large surfaces and for environment mapping, new and optimized procedural patterns to simulate shingles, scales, particle sets, and smoke emitters, and some bug fixes.


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