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25 Jul 1999 18:58 seanni

LICQ Sound
Lessee here... you send sound files to people over ICQ? That sounds like a bit of a waste of bandwidth...
I, for one, am glad LICQ doesn't support that. I'm surprised that the windoze one does (well... actually maybe I'm not).
Just don't send any of those to me (especially since I have no sound card anyway...)

08 Jul 1999 03:59 AHinMaine

Re: LICQ Sound
I'm not talking about event sounds, I'm talking about the ability to send a sound to a user and have it play on their end. I liked that. (Note that you're talking to someone who uses ICQ solely through LICQ. I've sacrificed all those bells and whistles for stability. :)

07 Jul 1999 15:21 akuhn

LICQ Sound
I can't remember a version I've had yet where sound didn't work. Since I've been using it I've had sound. Check your preferences, you may be lacking the wav files, or may not have sox/whatever you picked to play sounds installed. Any unix ICQ client will never meet the "wow" features of the Windows client, and I didn't intend to say it would. Even with GNOME, I doubt you'll simply ever get that kind of tight integration that the Windows clients offer. But in it's current state, LICQ is a very impressive piece of software.

07 Jul 1999 11:23 AHinMaine

RE: LICQ Comments
I wouldn't go that far. The winblows one has too many bells and whistles that LICQ doesn't have yet.

Don't get me wrong, I love LICQ. The only features I miss personally are the ability to not receive messages from people who aren't in your contact list and the use of sounds. (i liked using my Quake2 expert team audio sounds for responses... "Roger that!")

07 Jul 1999 00:37 akuhn

LICQ Comments
AOL should seriously embrace this as the "official" *nix ICQ client. It's that good. I've been using 0.5x through 0.61 without a problem. I recently ugpraded to 0.70f (which is definetly still beta-quality). LICQ supports a heck of a lot of more features than any other ICQ client I can run under Linux (And don't even utter the satanic words "ICQJava" to me, ok?) Messages, Chat, File Transfer Send/Receive work great. My only problem I've run into is the lack of support to receive multiple files. 0.61 gets confused and just takes the first file. 0.70f however recognizes seperates files... yet crashes. I look forward to 0.80. Keep up the great work guys!

31 Mar 1999 20:35 snugglebeftgraag

great prog
Compiled whit no problems @ all on redhat 5.2 running kernel 2.2.4
I love this program ,the dock-app rulez .
Keep up the good work ,nice done job

cheers mate

27 Mar 1999 11:27 klinsmann

Licq with FreeBSD
When I try to Licq, I get this error :

ELF interpreter /usr/libexec/ not found
Abort trap

Can anybody explain to me, what to do ? Or what package to install ?

Thanx in advance...

16 Jan 1999 00:47 mejum

slackware 3.5 w/qt 1.42
Works fine here with Slackware 3.5 and Qt1.42.
And its way better than ICQ for Java.

06 Jan 1999 10:38 AHinMaine

Licq 0.50 alpha 3
Wow! Works like a charm, AFAICT.

I was a 0.4.0 user actually. I treated this new one as a fresh install though. I copied my old uin files into the new ~/.licq/conf/ dir and followed the doc/UPGRADE information related to the the uin files. No troubles at all. Much better experience than I had installing older versions.

05 Jan 1999 12:18 lordhavok

Licq Compile.
I am a newbie (RUN!!) but I was able to get Licq compiled after cpompiling QT 1.42 (which was no fun either). Had Fatal errors at start up. Manually Untared the licq-base file to ./licq and no probs!

Runs great. All I need now in it is file transfer capability :>


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