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01 Oct 2008 18:26 flynd

Licq 1.3.6 Released
Check out the website for this new release:


Tons of bugfixes

Support for user pics

New stylish Qt4 based GUI

16 Sep 2008 17:55 root42

1.3.6-rc1 released
Check out the website for the new release


New in this release:

Tons of bugfixes

Support for user pics

New stylish Qt4 based GUI

27 Nov 2007 02:25 root42

Latest Release: Licq 1.3.5
Ok, we seem to neglect freshmeat. :) Check on for the latest release.

29 Mar 2003 22:36 drivel

RPM packages
It seems that the licq 1.2.6 RPM packages are still not yet available on the sourceforge/licq website... if you are interested, you can get the RPM/SRPM packages below:

27 Jul 2002 09:43 drivel

licq 1.2.0
LICQ 1.2.0 is finally released!

You may grab the source from here: (

or binaries (if you are using RedHat) from here:

03 Jun 2002 15:07 mutation

Still alive?
Is licq development still alive? It's been SO long since a stable release... I'm happy that the CVS snapshot I have works fine with the new ICQ protocol, though, but this project needs to live on. It's the only ICQ client working under Linux that will blend in well with my desktop thanks to the skin capabilities.

What also would be killer is alternate protocol plugins like Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc. :)

06 Apr 2002 09:14 pjprior

HTTPS Proxy support - It's here! :D
As of the 23rd of March 2002, the daily CVS snapshot of licq has HTTPS proxy support :D Yay!
Thanks go to the licq development team, great job :)

21 Feb 2002 15:27 gdbear

Console plugin
Has some pretty serious problems in the daily builds from after 20020123 or so.
It compiles fine, but all sorts of debugging code scrolls right across the console screen while using it.
in the builds prior to 20020123 the same info comes up, but only on console 9, where it should.

10 Jan 2002 16:48 j4n

Re: Sending Problems

> That sounds good! I don't want to use
> gaim... I really
> love licq I'm only missing the SMS
> function than it
> would be perfect...

well, its anounced for the next release. there are only some messages which do not arrive, not all! thats the bad thing. You dont know if it will work or not.

05 Jan 2002 14:58 workman

Re: HTTPS support
Is anybody still interested in HTTPS for Licq? I think it'd be really useful.

> Are there any plans to add https proxy
> support to licq (like the windoze
> one)?
> It would be soooo useful :)


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