Version 5.1.2 of LiCe for EPIC

Release Notes: This is a small bugfix release. If you use the /MTOG E feature, when you initially enable it, messages weren't written to disk (and an error was displayed.) This is now fixed.

Other releases

  •  15 Aug 2012 21:10

Release Notes: This is a bugfix-only release. It fixes an issue with /TOG Q: LiCe information was still being returned if you were CTCP VERSION'd. /SENS S now accepts spaces. It fixes a bug with /HELP. There are documentation cleanups and fixes. You can disable the channel cache sync check by setting /SENS C to 0. This has been a problem for some users joining and then parting channels, though the ideal fix is to set the /SENS C to a higher figure (say, 30).

  •  19 May 2012 01:17

Release Notes: Performance improvements and bugfixes. Also includes a database editor so you can view/edit your LiCe5 database (though you should never need to).

  •  12 May 2012 03:43

Release Notes: Halfops are now properly supported and shown on join and when using /SC, /PPL, and /CWHO. There were many small bugfixes and updates, including updates to /HELP, fixing of /SILENCE, and fixes for some theme issues.

  •  01 May 2012 01:37

Release Notes: This release fixes cleanup routines not being called when leaving a channel, updates the QuickStart guide and other help files, instantly removes servers from the database when deleted, and makes a small fix to /CTOG when not on a channel.

  •  25 Apr 2012 21:26

Release Notes: This is a major upgrade. You no longer need to /save. All settings/toggles/ignores/userlist changes are saved automatically to the database in realtime. By default this is ~/.lice, but you can override this with the IRCSAVE environment variable. There are many more changes and fixes.


Project Spotlight


A static analysis automation framework.


Project Spotlight


An HTTP Web server and framework.