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Zapping VBI library

The Zapping VBI (zvbi) library provides routines to read from raw Vertical Blanking Interval capture devices, to demodulate raw to sliced VBI data, and to interpret the data of several popular services. Basically, it offers all the functionality needed by a VBI application except for the UI.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  28 Aug 2013 19:52

    Release Notes: Some corrections were made to allow compilation with clang and uClibc.

    •  11 Jul 2013 14:38

      Release Notes: Bugs were fixed and improvements were made in the Teletext decoder and zvbi-atsc-cc.

      •  04 Sep 2008 20:12

      Release Notes: This version fixes two compile problems in the atsc-cc.c file.

      •  20 Aug 2008 06:03

      Release Notes: This version adds a new tool zvbi-atsc-cc to record Closed Captioning from ATSC digital TV. It supports legacy NTSC captions (EIA/CEA 608-B) and DTVCC (CEA 708-C).

      •  27 Jul 2008 06:28

      Release Notes: This version fixes a bug in the vbi_caption_unicode() function and clarifies the license of the VBI proxy daemon.


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