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Release Notes: This release fixes bugs related to sample loading, effects, and tempo setting in MED and OctaMED loaders, and re-enables Megatracker format support. Minor bugs have been fixed in GDM, Digitrakker, and Digibooster loaders.

Release Notes: This release improves loading of several module formats (including XM and S3M) and fixes many bugs, including crashes when loading modules from memory, memory leaks on invalid module loading, and loop setting in MOD files for very small loops. It also contains a refactored vibrato effect, win32 portability fixes, and code cleanup and optimization.

Release Notes: This release fixes parsing of OctaMED note decay, implements missing OctaMED effects, fixes The Player 5.0A and 6.0A pattern decoding, and fixes Oktalyzer sample mapping.

Release Notes: This release fixes XM and IT envelope resets, fixes IT portamento after note cut events, and refactors the virtual channel code.


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A unit converter and calculator.


Project Spotlight


A flexible one time password authentication system with pluggable OTP algorithms and userstorages.