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  •  14 Jun 2003 00:36

Release Notes: This version correctly parses vCard version 2.1 files, allowing Microsoft vCard files to be read properly. Searches and comparisons of type names and parameter names are now case insensitive. The build process now produces shared libraries as well as static libraries.

  •  16 May 2003 06:28

Release Notes: Parsing of parameters is now performed properly, and they are stuffed into the "name" and "value" fields of the "vc_param_component" structure. The "str" field has been removed as a result of this (because "str" was only a silly hack to begin with). A bug in fprintf_vcard which prevented vcards from being printed has been fixed. There is now a libvc.spec file for Red Hat Linux; RPMs will be created for each release from now on.

  •  12 May 2003 08:48

Release Notes: This is the same vCard library that was built with previous releases of rolo. However, all occurrences of `vcard_' have now been shortened to 'vc_'. Also, the header file is now 'vc.h' instead of 'vcard.h'. The next binary releases of rolo and mutt_vc_query will be built with libvc. The next source releases of rolo and mutt_vc_query will have libvc as a dependency. The vc(3) man page is not finished yet.


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