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libuninum is a library for converting Unicode strings to integers and integers to Unicode strings. Internal computation is done using arbitrary precision arithmetic, so there is no limit on the size of the integer that can be converted. Values are passed and returned as ASCII decimal strings, GNU MP mpz_t objects, or unsigned long integers. Auto-detection of the number system is provided. Very many number systems are supported. Group delimitation for output strings is fully controllable. Command line and graphical interfaces are also provided.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Dec 2007 14:42

    Release Notes: This release adds support for Kayah Li, Lepcha, Ol Chiki, Saurashtra, Shan, Sundanese, and Vai. Full width numerals and hex digits are now accepted on input of Western numbers.

    •  23 Sep 2007 10:03

      Release Notes: This release provides a choice between M and unit characters with a superscript bar for thousands in Roman numerals, and makes M the default. A README file with documentation for NumberConverter has been added.

      •  12 Jun 2007 07:45

        Release Notes: This version adds support for the more exotic forms of Roman numerals. Roman numeral compatibility characters are now accepted.

        •  03 May 2007 09:27

          Release Notes: This release provides a graphical number converter that makes use of the library, adds a function to the Tcl interface, and fixes some minor bugs.

          •  29 Mar 2007 12:52

            Release Notes: This release fixes numerous bugs, adds a number of checks for invalid arguments, and eliminates a number of memory leaks. It also adds support for Verdurian and for the duodecimal form of Tengwar.


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