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26 May 2009 20:47 GravityIsForSuckers

I'm using Slackware 12.

Adding the alias su - l did not keep the LD_PRELOAD variable in place when switched user. I tried it manually and no dice. But I set the LD_PRELOAD variable in my system wide profile so using su shouldn't be a problem now.

This program doesn't files that being with a dot/period. I've gone through most of the docs, but maybe I missed it as a known issue.

Once I restated KDE (after I had set the LD_PRELOAD variable), firefox would not start, and I got no error message. I unset the LD_PRELOAD variable and firefox started.

Web Alpine, defaults to using ~/Trash so users of alpine might want to check to see if they have an existing Trash file in ~ or ~/mail/ before running rm once libtrash is installed.

I've only just started experimenting with libtrash. I like that if I delete a file in Konqueror, not just the command line, it will "save" the file. I often am quick to use "delete" in Konqueror instead of "move to trash."


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