Version 1.3.5 of Libtool

Release Notes: Support for mac OS X (rhapsody), *-sequent-sysv4 & Cygwin-1.1.0. Support recent dlltool formats, and the usual round of bugfixes.

Other releases

Release Notes: The new libtoolize option --no-warn has been added. The --debug, --no-warn, --quiet, and --verbose options can be passed to libtoolize through the environment variable LIBTOOLIZE_OPTIONS. Several bugs with macros have been fixed.

  •  19 Dec 2005 13:35

Release Notes: This release fixes setting of shlibpath variables (LD_LIBRARY_PATH and similar) and the order of link search paths for creating and testing of uninstalled libraries. Silent failure of 'libtoolize --ltdl' if libltdl files are not present has been fixed. If non-pic objects were not compiled, and libtool is called in link mode, libtool no longer silently creates an empty archive, but rather falls back to pic objects. A potential denial of service by malicious other users for tmpdir directory creation at relink time has been fixed.

  •  07 Sep 2005 05:27

Release Notes: A long-standing Solaris CC limitation failing with -no-undefined was fixed. Yet another regression with ownership of libltdl data files was fixed. A work-around was made for breakage on Tru64 due to shell bugs. A regression with spurious object name conflicts against installed static libraries which were erronously treated as convenience libraries was fixed. Building of packages on Cygwin managed mounts was fixed.

  •  11 Apr 2004 07:18

Release Notes: This release fixes installation problems apparent in 1.5.4.

  •  03 Apr 2004 23:40

Release Notes: This release has various bugfixes.


Project Spotlight


A markup language processor.


Project Spotlight

Ada EL

A library which implements an expression language similar to JSP and JSF.