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libtiger is a rendering library for Kate streams using Pango and Cairo. More information about Kate streams may be found at

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Dec 2010 19:25

    Release Notes: A problem in which some images were invisible with newer versions of Cairo was fixed. Outline was made the default font effect. Depth sorting was fixed, and negative depth events are kept hidden.

    •  12 Apr 2009 12:06

      Release Notes: Thread support was added to cache images ahead of time.

      •  24 Nov 2008 18:29

        Release Notes: This release removes tiger_renderer_set_cairo_surface from the API. Cchanging the default rendering parameters now invalidates cached renders.

        •  12 Nov 2008 14:40

          Release Notes: Text can now be outlined or shadowed. Caching now works for vertical text. The return code of tiger_renderer_update mixing 0 and 1 was fixed. ABGR buffers are now supported, in addition to ARGB buffers. A tiger_renderer_set_quality crash when a surface isn't yet set was fixed. The quality setting can be used to tweak speed versus quality in more cases.

          •  31 Oct 2008 18:03

            Release Notes: This release is under the LGPL (since Pango is required and is under the LGPL). It has support for vertical text, support for markers, justified text support, a new bitmap cache to avoid recreating (and leaking) Cairo surfaces, and a new tiger_renderer_is_dirty function to optimize away unnecessary rendering. Internal caching can now be turned on and off. Uninstalled PC files now link against static libraries rather than libtool ones.


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