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  •  09 Dec 2003 14:34

Release Notes: There are several major new features, including an optional non-blocking mode, which allows gl_get_line to be called from arbitrary external event handlers without blocking the caller, an added provision for binding multiple completion handlers, improvements to error reporting and history recall behavior, added facilities for reliable signal handling, the option of inactivity timeouts, and an explicit way to set the terminal size on systems without SIGWINCH. There are also several bugfixes.

  •  11 Dec 2001 01:47

Release Notes: There have been many additions to gl_get_line. The history can now be grouped, displayed, queried, disabled, saved, and loaded by applications. Signal handling is now customizable. File event handlers can now be registered. Configuration can now come from any string or combination of files. A no-echo mode has been added. The prompt can now contain text attribute directives. 8-bit foreign locales are now supported. There is also a new program that adds command-line editing to most programs, without them being linked to the library.

  •  30 Apr 2001 05:22

Release Notes: The tecla command-line editor now provides an optional vi editing mode, which includes a large number of default bindings. A bug in the key-binding table expansion code which caused problems for those who used lots of personalized key bindings has been fixed aswell.

  •  09 Feb 2001 16:06

Release Notes: A module for looking up and completing filenames in lists of directories, such as the UNIX PATH, has been added. The types of files completed can be configured via callbacks. Optional file-type selectivity has also been added to the existing filename completion callback. In the process, the old configuration argument of the filename callback was deprecated in favor of a new opaque one that enables binary backwards compatibility for future changes. The old one remains supported.


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