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libtcp++ allows you to create C++ TCP/IP clients and servers without having to worry about gethostbyname, sockect, connect, bind, listen and accept. It has three classes, TcpClient , TcpServer and TcpIpRuleSet. TcpClient allows you to initiate TCP/IP connections, TcpServer is an abstract class to be used for creating servers by inheriting from it, and TcpIpRuleSet allows you to establish a set of IP-based access rules, and check IPs against them.


Recent releases

  •  04 Aug 2000 00:31

    Release Notes: Addition of init() methods and no-arguments constructor to TcpClient, use of autoconf/automake, and a fix for a bug in configure that made the compilation bomb on Red Hat 6.1.

    •  26 Oct 1999 00:01

      Release Notes: SO_REUSEADDR on server socket, user-specified timeout on TcpServer::receive(), user-specified timeout on TcpServer::connect(), clean shutdown of TcpServer on SIGTERM, fixed a bug in TcpClient(), as well as cosmetic changes to the code and file names.

      •  23 Apr 1999 01:33

        Release Notes: Added IP-based access control option to TcpServer.

        •  24 Mar 1999 17:31

          Release Notes: Added debug() and set_debug_level() methods to TcpServer class.

          •  18 Mar 1999 21:25

            Release Notes: Fixed the bug in the reaper loop of TcpServer class, that created problems with concurrent keep-alive connections.


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