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libstratanetsh (previously called "libnetshclient") is a POSIX/ANSI C library for use in the development of applications which require direct communication (using the "strata netsh" protocol) with a Foxmoxie Networks STRATA-family router (or any server-type-application that supports the protocol). This library employs both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as GnuTLS encryption, and may be used at either the client end or the server end.


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  •  21 Jun 2011 21:11

    Release Notes: This release adds a timeout system (netsh_set_timeout/netsh_timeout). A DNS resolver bug has been fixed. Managed-mode code has been simplified. The existing ABI is unchanged and protocol compatible with 2.3.2.

    •  31 May 2011 05:25

      Release Notes: The TLS socket is now cleaned on disconnect instead of being destroyed. The protocol was made endian-portable, and binary compatibility with version 2.3.1 was retained. Documentation was updated. MAGIC_KEY is now verified inbound to avoid possible memory abuse.

      •  15 Dec 2007 04:00

      Release Notes: Better inter-arch support and a timeout in the managed transmission routine.

      •  04 Jun 2007 05:31

      Release Notes: The library now supports server operation. This required minor API changes and documentation updates.

      No changes have been submitted for this release.


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