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The libstatgrab library provides an easy-to-use interface for accessing system statistics and information. Available statistics include CPU, Load, Memory, Swap, Disk I/O, and Network I/O. It was developed to work on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. The package also includes two tools: saidar provides a curses-based interface for viewing live system statistics, and statgrab is a sysctl-like interface to the statistics.

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  •  08 Aug 2013 23:34

    Release Notes: Thread safety and reentrant functions. API unification (every stats call is now able to return multiple entries). A complete rewrite of internal memory management (eases future extensions). Adds experimental support for tracing using log4cplus. Completes the ports for AIX, HP-UX, and most of the widely used BSD-based operating systems. Completes the port for Darwin/MacOS X, including basic Mach. Cleans up the FreeBSD and Solaris implementations. Removes explicit support for Linux 2.4.

    •  14 Feb 2012 11:32

      Release Notes: This release adds support for FreeBSD 9 and other systems using utmpx. On FreeBSD an issue with large quantities of memory was fixed, and support for dynamically getting a list of supported file systems was added. File systems will now be detected on Solaris ZFS. On Linux, CPU iowait information will now be given where available.

      •  18 Mar 2008 01:22

      Release Notes: Building on Solaris and the Debian "armel" port was fixed. Support for FreeBSD 8 was added and minor problems were fixed.

      •  13 Jul 2007 17:35

      Release Notes: This release fixes a regression in OpenBSD memory statistics. There are other minor code cleanups and fixes.

      •  08 Jan 2007 04:21

      Release Notes: This release contains mainly bugfixes. It also brings a new feature in saidar: color support, which can be activated with the -c runtime flag.


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