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libsrs2 is the next generation SRS library. SPF verifies that the Sender address of an email message matches (according to some policy) the client IP address that submitted it. When a message is forwarded, the sender address must be rewritten to comply with SPF policy. The Sender Rewriting Scheme, or SRS, provides a standard for this rewriting that is not vulnerable to attacks by spammers, is easy to parse by common mail filters, and handles multiple hops neatly and safely.

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  •  20 Oct 2004 03:20

Release Notes: This version fixes all known bugs. It compiles cleanly on all accessible Solaris versions. It adds an alwaysrewrite feature to command line systems, and a sendmail M4 hack.

  •  17 Jun 2004 08:50

Release Notes: All known bugs were fixed. Built-in crypto is now included, so OpenSSL is no longer required. Win32 is supported. The API was extended to suit most MTAs. Performance tests indicate over 850,000,000 messages per hour can be handled. A command line utility and rewriting daemon are included. Patches were written for exim, postfix, and sendmail. A bug-tracking system was built. The documentation and Web pages were updated.

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