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libsoup is an HTTP client/server library. It uses GObjects and the glib main loop and integrates well with GNOME and GTK+ applications. Since it is based only on glib, it can also be used in command line and daemon-based applications. It features both asynchronous (GMainLoop and callback-based) and synchronous APIs, automatically cached connections, SSL support using GnuTLS, and proxy support including authentication and SSL tunneling. Client support includes Digest, NTLM, and basic authentication, and server support includes Digest and Basic authentication.


Recent releases

  •  02 Nov 2007 18:13

    Release Notes: This release fixes SSL rehandshaking on synchronous sockets, and adds a regression test for it. It fixes two bugs in HTTPS tunnels over proxies that require authentication, and adds a regression test for them. It fixes NTLM authentication. It uses "new" glib base64 and iso8601 methods rather than duplicating them.

    •  24 Feb 2007 19:45

      Release Notes: The soup_headers_parse_status_line() was fixed, so WebDAV response parsing will work again. A bug was fixed in the header-parsing regression test that caused the test to fail sometimes, even though the actual header-parsing code was fine.

      •  06 Feb 2007 12:36

        Release Notes: Mainly cleanup and small bugfixes were done. The calls to soup_message_io_stop() were removed, and the documentation was clarified with respect to soup_session_requeue_message().

        •  15 Dec 2006 09:46

          Release Notes: Several memory leaks when parse_response_headers() is called on a message that has a "reason_phrase" already for some reason were fixed. Hostname was not freed and has been fixed. SoupGNUTLSChannel was fixed when "chan" was not freed in case of initialization error. "finally" was left unreffed (one more *_ref() than *_unref()) in case of SSL wrapping, and has been fixed.

          •  14 Nov 2006 07:00

            Release Notes: The SOAP and XML-RPC code was fixed to handle whitespace and comments in the XML better. Many typecasting and const warnings in the code were fixed. Build on Cygwin now works. libsoup 2.2.pc fields and uninstall were fixed along with some small leaks in SoupServer.


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