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libsigrokdecode is a shared C library that provides (streaming) protocol decoding functionality. The protocol decoders are written in Python (>= 3.2).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 May 2014 12:38

    Release Notes: New supported protocol decoders: guess_bitrate, ir_nec, ir_rc5, midi, parallel, rgb_led_spi, xfp, z80. Adds support for annotation rows, and the OUTPUT_BINARY and OUTPUT_META output types. Fixes all decoders to support proper GUI usage. Adds a library and a decoder test suite. Various fixes and decoding improvements in all decoders.

    •  08 May 2013 16:23

      Release Notes: Protocol decoders were added for the Dallas DS1307 RTC. Decoders now expose their options to the frontends. Support for optional probes for protocol decoders was added. There were various API changes and additions and documentation updates.

      •  26 Apr 2013 19:06

        Release Notes: The following new protocol decoders are now supported: avr_isp, can, jtag, jtag_stm32, lm75, lpc, maxim_ds28ea00, onewire_link, onewire_network, sdcard_spi, tlc5620, and uart_dump. There have been many improvements in existing decoders, including i2cfilter, edid, pan1321, usb, mlx90614, dcf77, nunchuk, spi, and mx25lxx05d. Portability improvements, (e.g., for Windows and Mac OS X Homebrew) and numerous bugfixes and documentation updates were performed.

        •  18 Apr 2012 23:48

          Release Notes: Initial release.


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