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  •  15 Feb 2009 04:46

Release Notes: A segfault which occurs when memcpy is passed a bad length parameter was fixed. This bug is not exploitable. Compilation under MSVC was fixed.

  •  27 Jan 2009 10:54

Release Notes: A bug in the test suite with accounting for rounding errors on x86_64 was fixed.

  •  12 Sep 2004 20:40

Release Notes: A bug where the callback processing functions weren't being reset correctly has been fixed.

  •  02 May 2003 23:18

Release Notes: A problem where one public function was not being exported by the library was fixed, along with a bug in one of the example programs.

  •  03 Dec 2002 03:46

Release Notes: Fixes for Solaris and MacOS X were made.


Project Spotlight


Shell-Browser interfacing and Web browsing tools.


Project Spotlight


A network IDS and IPS engine.