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librouteros is a library that can be used to communicate with devices running RouterOS, a Linux-based operating system by MikroTik. A generic and low-level interface is provided to issue arbitrary commands to the device and receive replies. For some commands, high-level abstractions are provided to simplify communication. The library is thread-safe and reentrant-safe.

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  •  30 Mar 2010 22:00

Release Notes: Two memory leaks have been fixed in the "ros_query" and "ros_connect" functions.

  •  29 Dec 2009 09:18

Release Notes: A high-level interface was added for the "/system/resource" command. Usage output and documentation has been improved.

  •  23 Dec 2009 10:34

Release Notes: Missing sanity checks have been added so incorrectly used arguments don't lead to a segmentation fault. Usage of the library from C++ has been simplified.

Release Notes: A couple of compiler warnings have been fixed. The API is now considered to be stable.


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A tool allowing the developer to create user-configurable source code templates.


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A commandline password manager based around GnuPG.