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  •  11 Nov 2010 22:51

Release Notes: OpenMP is disabled for MacOS X when compiled with -pthread due to a bug in the MacOS X OpenMP implementation. New camera support imported from dcraw 9.05: Canon G12, SX120, and 60D; Hasselblad H4D; Nokia X2; Olympus E-5; Nikon D3100, D7000, and P7000; Panasonic FZ40, FZ100, and LX5; Pentax K-r, K-5, and 645D; and the Samsung GX20 and WB2000.

Release Notes: There is a new input framework: it is possible to redefine input methods to read RAW data from any byte stream with arbitrary seek. There is a new processing mode: it is possible to turn off all raw pre-processing stages, e.g. black level (bias) subtraction, RAW tone curve, zero pixel cleaning, and so on.

Release Notes: Calls for 3-component RGB-bitmap output. Gamma-corrected 16-bit output. Input/output ICC profiles via the LCMS library. Bad pixels map support (similar to dcraw). Dark frame subtraction (similar to dcraw). A bug in adjust_sizes_info_only() has been fixed. An API to list supported cameras. Callback calls for progress indication and fast processing termination. OpenMP support on Unix (gcc) systems. An up to 30% speedup on 2-core machines.


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