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  •  09 Feb 2013 00:28

    Release Notes: This release removes the limit on not being able to create trees with only a single point.

    •  13 Jan 2013 18:21

      Release Notes: This release adds a memory pool for ptys. It has 0-17% speedup in creation and 0-10% speedup in searches. This drops RAM usage by about 4%.

      •  04 Jan 2013 21:51

        Release Notes: This release optimizes the RAM use on 64-bit platforms, improving it by 37%. Since it may have a detrimental effect on reporting search speed, this optimization can be disabled if desired.

        •  02 Jan 2013 23:13

          Release Notes: This release improves the use of negative values. It removes heap allocation from searches, with an improvement of 0-12% in search speed. There are documentation updates.

          •  29 Dec 2012 07:44

            Release Notes: First public release.


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