Version 0.9.10 of Libquicktime

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release, no new features were added. Writing of compressed frames (important for DVgrab/Kino) was fixed, as well as seeking with some codecs. Furthermore, the source tree and CVS were cleaned up.

Other releases

  •  29 Mar 2012 21:38

    Release Notes: This release brings upgrades for newer ffmpeg versions, 10 bit DNxHD support, limited support for edit lists in the public API, and several fixes.

    •  06 Jul 2011 07:13

      Release Notes: This fixes compilation with newer versions of gtk, ffmpeg, and x264. Some contributed patches were applied as well.

      •  08 Jan 2011 05:35

      Release Notes: This release fixes a compilation error with newer GTK+ versions and a crash in the plugin registry.

      •  04 Dec 2010 07:28

      Release Notes: This release fixes a compilation problem with newer x264 versions.

      •  02 Dec 2010 03:17

      Release Notes: This brings reading and writing of compressed packets for many codecs. The internals were cleaned up and several enhancements and fixes from the community were checked in.


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      A flat assembler RAD IDE.


      Project Spotlight


      A compression library for lzip files