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  •  26 Apr 2009 14:25

Release Notes: Lots of API changes and enhancements were made. Remote pwmd connections can be made over an SSH channel.

  •  01 Mar 2008 17:05

Release Notes: A few important fixes and features for asynchronous clients were added.

  •  14 Jul 2007 15:11

Release Notes: An option to specify a callback when a status message is recieved was added. You can now specify the number of times before pinentry gives up. pwmd_open_nb() and pwmd_save_nb() were added, which replaces pwmd_get_password() for non-blocking password retrieval. The pinentry environment can be read from ~/.pwmd/env.

  •  30 Jun 2007 14:15

Release Notes: The Assuan protocol is now used for communicating with pwmd. Memory allocation and deallocation were made more secure. The pwmd_get_password() function was added to get a password from pinentry without blocking. Some other changes were made.


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