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libpropc++ is a template library for properties in C++ which can be used like 'widget.color = "red";' to change widget color. Values of several properties can be "bound together" so that when one property changes, others automatically change accordingly. Binding can be unidirectional or mutual, with a transforming functor, etc. A part of the functionality of libsigc++ (a C++ "signal programming", i.e. Observer Pattern, library) is reimplemented.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Sep 2004 05:35

    Release Notes: This release fixed some serious bugs and added a good test suite.

    •  13 Sep 2004 02:50

      Release Notes: This release adds binding properties: values of several properties can be kept synchronized with each other automatically. A partial reimplementation of libsigc++ (a C++ signalling library) has been added. "simple properties" that can be added to any object have been added. There are better API docs and other minor changes.

      •  29 Aug 2004 13:07

        Release Notes: HTML documentation was added.


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