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libplis is library for Perl-like string manipulation for C++. It includes the string class plis::slip and the list class plis::llip. Together, these two provide the Perl-like methods that include regular expressions (through PCRE), split(), join(), grep(), chomp, tr///, s///, sprintf(), etc. It can also be described as a C++ frontend to PCRE, but its array manipulations make it much more powerful than only that. It comes with Doxygen API documentation.


RSS Recent releases

  •  03 Jul 2006 16:24

Release Notes: A few new utility functions have been added (slip_read_file and slipvprintf), a memory leak has been fixed, and a few problems in the documentation have been fixed.

  •  02 Sep 2005 03:49

Release Notes: A minor bug that caused problems in the use of libplis with I/O to C++ streams was fixed. Some documentation updates were made.

  •  14 Jan 2005 01:13

Release Notes: Several installation issues and documentation errors were fixed.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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