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libowfat aims to reimplement the API defined by Prof. Dan Bernstein as extracted in the libdjb project. However, the reimplementation is covered by the GNU General Public License. The API is also extended slightly.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Jan 2005 22:44

    Release Notes: This release adds stdarg functions for writing to a stralloc or to a buffer, enhances iob_prefetch, and has a few fixes and updates.

    •  29 Jul 2004 13:08

      Release Notes: A new errmsg API was added. IPv6 DNS now uses (but can still also use Some minor compatibility cruft was added.

      •  28 Mar 2004 12:33

        Release Notes: This release adds a descriptor passing API, more man pages, and a few bugfixes.

        •  27 Mar 2004 07:54

          Release Notes: This release added file descriptor passing, man pages for libio and safemult, and a few bugfixes.

          •  21 Feb 2004 16:15

            Release Notes: This release features some additions to the IP API and some platform-specific additions. There are some clarifications regarding the xBSD kqueue and sendfile implementations.

            Recent comments

            21 Feb 2004 15:04 apag

            I don't know how deliberate your choice of license was; if you haven't before, it might be worth considering making this available under LGPL instead of GPL.

            31 Jan 2002 04:52 seanhunter

            Completely changes how you thing about strings!
            Libowfat is a very useful tool in any C programmer's arsenal because it makes it very easy to build strings safely and securely without worrying about buffer overruns and hidden printf problems. Using it in conjunction with read(2) and write(2), its possible to avoid using the printf family of functions altogether!

            It took me a little while to get used to this new paradigm, but I find it makes things a lot better.

            Highly recommended


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