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LibMySequoia provides an alternative library for MySQL C client library ( to benefit from the Sequoia high availability and performance scalability clustering solution. Native MySQL client programs can use the Sequoia clustering solution without changing any line of code in the application. The benefit of this solution is that native C applications, PHP, Perl, and Python programs using the MySQL C API interface now can transparently connect to a Sequoia cluster.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Feb 2007 21:25

    Release Notes: A FreeBSD port. Better compatibility with the MySQL command line utility.

    •  14 Dec 2006 04:45

      Release Notes: This release fixed issues where character sets were handled incorrectly, mysql_stmt_store_result did not fill in the max_length field when asked to, and compilation errors on the x86_64 platform. The default for persistent connections is now off. A configure option for specifying the MySQL headers directory was added along with configuration parameters for the "controller_timeout" and the "ping_delay".

      •  13 Nov 2006 15:36

        Release Notes: The "set autocommit=[0|1]", "commit", and "rollback" queries are now properly handled. The protocol was set to 4.1 for Perl to use the prepared statements. A memory corruption when fetching floats as strings was fixed.

        •  24 Oct 2006 09:31

          Release Notes: This release fixed problems with buggy mysql_escape_string and mysql_real_escape_string functions and a problem with mysql_stmt_fetch not filling the is_null field.

          •  05 Sep 2006 13:45

            Release Notes: Character sets are now handled correctly. A modification needed by CAROB-96 was made. Segmentation faults were fixed in getFromFloat(), getFromDouble(), CarobStmt::free_long_data, CarobStmt::reset(), and DriverResultSet::checkIfClosed(). Warnings were implemented. Logger configuration was added.


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