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libmousetrap is a C library for the creation and manipulation of compressed, integer-precision 2D cartesian grids populated by integer identifiers. This makes figuring out what is occupying position (x, y) at any given instant easy. Addition of new types of sources for creating these grids from image/graphics libraries is also easy. libmousetrap fully supports transparent regions in the grid system. It was created to provide easy dispatch of mouse events, but seems like it could have other applications.

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  •  10 Nov 2001 09:20

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with regards creating mousetraps from SDL surfaces due to the parameters for flags and id being mixed up.

  •  21 Oct 2001 07:22

Release Notes: Identifiers enforced for all mousetraps created. Minor api adjustments and additions included. Global types and constants were renamed to keep names from colliding with other people's code. An example is now included.

Release Notes: This release contains support for pygame surfaces.

Release Notes: All known memory leaks were cleaned up, and support for SDL surfaces was added.


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