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  •  08 Sep 2008 17:41

Release Notes: Improved support for Solaris. Support for weighted Ketama. A fix for Chinese encoding. A fix for 0 length key to trigger bad key. The behaviors MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_SND_TIMEOUT, and MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_RCV_TIMEOUT have been added. Support for Binary Protocol has been added.

  •  05 May 2008 11:13

Release Notes: New consistent distribution tests. A memory leak when a server constantly fails has been fixed. There is a fix in the watchpoint macro. The default timeout has been changed to 1 second for poll timeouts. Wheel uses less memory/dynamic allocation for size (no longer limited to 512 hosts by default). A memslap memory leak has been fixed. Ketama distribution has been added. An assert.h compile problem on CentOS has been fixed.

  •  12 Dec 2007 06:35

Release Notes: Updates were made for consistent hashing. IPV6 is supported. Static allocation for a hostname was added. A bug was fixed where all data might not have been sent on close() in non-block mode. memcached_get() was refactored to use common code. Value fetching was changed so that MEMCACHED_END is now returned when keys are no longer in the pipe. A bug was fixed where a key could be out of the range of characters. _by_key() methods were added to allow partitioning of values to particular servers. MEMCACHED_DEFAILT_TIMEOUT is now set to a value other than -1. Performance improvements were made in get operations.

  •  05 Nov 2007 13:46

Release Notes: This release adds support for the CRC hash method, support for Unix sockets, additional HASHing methods (FNV1_64, FN V1A_64, FNV1_32, and FNV1A_32), and pkgconfig support (PKG_CHECK_MODULES). A conflict with defined type in MySQL has been fixed. This release adds the memcached_result_st structure and functions to manipulate it.

  •  17 Oct 2007 10:20

Release Notes: Get value returns are now null terminated. Connections for more hosts then two have been fixed. A rewrite of the read/write IO systems to handle different sorts of host failures. Man pages for all functions and tools. You can now optionally set the socket size for recv/send via memached_behavior_set/get.


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