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  •  29 Jan 2008 23:29

Release Notes: More work was done on the C++ API. Bugs were fixed around block corner cases. A slight performance increase was made in both read() and write().

  •  22 Jan 2008 10:32

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where increment() was not returning the proper error if a value was not found. It has a fix for bad null pointer on flag. All I/O has been refactored to just pass in the active server. A problem configuring (PKG_CHECK_MODULES) has been fixed by the removal of "rpath" in support/ memcached_callback_get()/set() has been added. An initial prototype of the C++ interface has been added. The documentation has been updated for the uint16_t changes in the previous release.

  •  13 Jan 2008 22:16

Release Notes: MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_USER_DATA was added to store a user pointer. Failure to connect to invalidate a socket was fixed. EOF issues during a read were fixed. A stats mismatch was fixed. A fix was made for when CRC returns 0, since the documentation on the protocol was wrong. Lingering socket fixes were made for FreeBSD. Multi delete functions were added. All get key returns have C style null termination. Many other fixes were made.

  •  12 Dec 2007 06:35

Release Notes: Updates were made for consistent hashing. IPV6 is supported. Static allocation for a hostname was added. A bug was fixed where all data might not have been sent on close() in non-block mode. memcached_get() was refactored to use common code. Value fetching was changed so that MEMCACHED_END is now returned when keys are no longer in the pipe. A bug was fixed where a key could be out of the range of characters. _by_key() methods were added to allow partitioning of values to particular servers. MEMCACHED_DEFAILT_TIMEOUT is now set to a value other than -1. Performance improvements were made in get operations.

  •  26 Nov 2007 03:47

Release Notes: An option was added to memcache_behavior_set() so that poll() can be timed out. A memory leak was fixed in the case of using memcached_fetch_result() where no value was returned. A bug was fixed in memcached_connect() which would cause servers that did not need to be enabled to be enabled. The bounds checking code was rewritten for get calls. "make test" now starts its own memcached servers. Hseih hash (MEMCACHED_HASH_HSIEH) was added, which shows about 7% higher performance over standard hash.

  •  20 Nov 2007 23:58

Release Notes: An append binary test was added. MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_CACHE_LOOKUPS behavior was added so that you can save on multiple DNS lookups. CAS support was added, though this is optional and must be enabled during runtime. The memerror utility was added to create human readable error strings from memcached errors. The type in MEMCACHED_HOST_LOOKUP_FAILURE was fixed. A bug where hostname might not be null terminated was fixed. gethostbyname_r() is used on Linux to solve thread safety issue. -rpath support for pkg-config was added. The documentation was fixed for hash setting using memcached_behavior_set().

  •  15 Nov 2007 10:33

Release Notes: An issue that occurred when no servers were defined has been fixed. Different buffers are now kept for different connections to speed up async efforts. Increment/decrement functions have been modified to return uint64_t values. A bug in cases where zero length keys were provided has been fixed. A thread cleanup issue in memslap has been addressed. No hostname lookup on reconnect. A fix for flag settings (was doing hex by accident). Support for the 1.2.4 server additions "prepend" and "append".

  •  05 Nov 2007 13:46

Release Notes: This release adds support for the CRC hash method, support for Unix sockets, additional HASHing methods (FNV1_64, FN V1A_64, FNV1_32, and FNV1A_32), and pkgconfig support (PKG_CHECK_MODULES). A conflict with defined type in MySQL has been fixed. This release adds the memcached_result_st structure and functions to manipulate it.

  •  30 Oct 2007 10:48

Release Notes: This release has moved to poll() from select(). There are fixes in the internal string class for allocation of large numbers of strings. The memcached_mget() function now sends keys as it parses them instead of building strings as it goes. There is a proper flush now for making sure all I/O is sent even when in non-block mode. An --enable-debug rule has been added for configure. All asserts() have been removed. A new memcached_clone() function has been added.

  •  17 Oct 2007 10:20

Release Notes: Get value returns are now null terminated. Connections for more hosts then two have been fixed. A rewrite of the read/write IO systems to handle different sorts of host failures. Man pages for all functions and tools. You can now optionally set the socket size for recv/send via memached_behavior_set/get.


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