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  •  07 Jan 2010 18:55

    Release Notes: A new memslap utility has been merged in from Schooner. All of constants.h has been updated to match style (all old identifiers continue to work). A first pass has been added for libhashkit. The test Framework/extended tests have been updated. Random read support during replication has been added. use_sort has been modified so that the option can be applied to any distribution type. The MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_KETAMA_COMPAT_MODE added in 0.35 has been removed. Instead, use memcached_behavior_set_distribution().

    •  17 Nov 2009 22:06

      Release Notes: This release adds support for by_key operations for inc/dec methods. It adds an mget test to memslap. It adds support for compatible ketama for SpyMemcached. It updates the C++ interface. It has a fix for memcp.

      •  13 Oct 2009 20:59

        Release Notes: This release adds support for setting behavior flags on a connection pool. It doesn't increment the server_failure_counter on normal disconnects. It adds a prototype for a callback-based protocol parser (server side) with examples so that you can let your own application speak the memcached protocol. It updates memcapable to test ASCII protocol. It changes behavior so that the server can be removed at the first sign of failure. It adds a memcached_server_get_last_disconnect() call.

        •  25 Sep 2009 09:05

          Release Notes: memcapable was added to test servers for binary compatibility. The C++ interface was updated. Basic support for C++ exceptions was added. Multiple constructors were added to the memcached client object. The C++ interface now takes parameters which are C++ types (such as std::string). Several bugs were fixed for binary protocol support. A crashing issue with dumping from memcachd server was fixed. (Server internals were changed without documenting the change.)

          •  16 Sep 2009 18:20

            Release Notes: This release features a change of behavior where linger is only modified for no-block and then set to zero. It adds Twitter's memcached_server_error() functions. It has a fix for OS X compilation in development builds. It updates the C++ interface. It updates memcached_mget and memcached_mget_by_key to take a size_t as a parameter instead of an unsigned int for number_of_keys.

            •  10 Jul 2009 21:10

              Release Notes: This release adds support for HA via replication. malloc() has been removed for server key usage. The build system has been updated. Support has been added for memcached_set_memory_allocators(). A bug in for have_htoll has been fixed.

              •  02 Jun 2009 09:05

                Release Notes: This release added a memcachd_dump command (and framework for the memdump tool), realigned all structures to remove padding (and line up important bits for 64-bit caches, removed some of the sprintf() statements in storage calls(), removed printf() in a stat call for unknown stat members, added amemcached_generate_hash() function, and added tests to make sure all hash functions are stable.

                •  19 May 2009 17:19

                  Release Notes: This release fixes malloc usage to calloc for spots where zero filled memory is needed. All code warnings are now treated as errors. There are fixes for Debian packaging. A new pooling mechanism has been added. MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_NO_BLOCK no longer also sets MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_BUFFER_REQUESTS. The generic RPM has been updated.

                  •  15 Apr 2009 22:11

                    Release Notes: A bug in the init structure and a bug in get/set by key have been fixed.

                    •  30 Mar 2009 17:33

                      Release Notes: This release adds a new UDP fire-forget mode. It reworks the performance of mget() to better make use of async protocol. It cleans up execution of fetch (just one set of code now). It fixes Jenkin's for big-endian hosts. There are updates for memstat to determine network latency. There are updates for binary protocol. There are many updates to the documentation.


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