Version 1.0.9 of libmemcached

Release Notes: This release makes a faster close on sockets. Instance allocation is now separated from the server interface. This should allow better preservation of ABI compliance from now on. This release fixes a "close on exec" bug and many other problems.

    Other releases

    •  09 Feb 2014 14:40

      Release Notes: MEMCACHED_BEHAVIOR_RETRY_TIMEOUT can now be set to zero. Numerous bugfixes have been made.

      •  04 Apr 2013 01:11

        Release Notes: This release removes the C++ namespace that was being exposed (the API should be plug compatible). It fixes cases where --servers weren't behaving the same way in all clients.

        •  01 Feb 2013 22:05

          Release Notes: This release adds support to do two-part shutdown of a socket, fixes for Fedora 18, and a fix for binary memcached_touch().

          •  18 Dec 2012 12:31

            Release Notes: Support for Murmur3 was added (HASHKIT_HASH_MURMUR3). Portability fixes were included.

            •  15 Nov 2012 22:11

              Release Notes: CLIENT_ERROR has been fixed to not be treated as a fatal error. Compiler fixes for older Ubuntu releases.


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