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Libmcrypt is a library which provides a uniform interface to several symmetric encryption algorithms. It is intended to have a simple interface to access encryption algorithms in ofb, cbc, cfb, and ecb modes. The algorithms it supports are DES, 3DES, RIJNDAEL, Twofish, IDEA, GOST, CAST-256, ARCFOUR, SERPENT, SAFER+, and more. The algorithms and modes are also modular so you can add and remove them on the fly without recompiling the library.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Feb 2007 15:34

    Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes were made, some potentially severe.

    •  04 Jan 2003 14:31

      Release Notes: This release fixes an ECB cipher mode bug which was introduced in 2.5.4.

      •  18 Dec 2002 12:14

        Release Notes: By default, all algorithms are now included in the main library instead of being dynamic modules. Several other cleanups and fixes were made.

        •  17 Sep 2001 18:22

          Release Notes: A new option to include algorithms and modes into the library, and an nCFB mode.

          •  04 Aug 2001 15:00

            Release Notes: This release now includes checks to make sure the installed libltdl includes lt_dlmutex_register(), as well as fixes in the libmcrypt-config script.

            Recent comments

            31 Jul 2000 10:11 kapheine

            Great Library
            Libmcrypt is a really good encryption library. It includes many different algorithms for encrypting and, using libmhash, includes a lot of hashing options. The manpage gives a brief description of all the different algorithms. Using this with PHP or mcrypt is a great combination.


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