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libL3D OpenGL 3D Library

L3D is a 3D library for developing OpenGL applications under Linux. The library has a main display loop, and call-back functions similar to those in GLUT. It has a graphical console for output of information. The goal of this project is a library which is small and hopefully scalable.

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Release Notes: Addition of UseRootWindow for screensavers, introduction of First Person Player Class, a new AABB collision detection system, ability to attach draw function to the FPS Player.

Release Notes: This release has a complete rewrite of the camera class using the gluLookAt function, the introduction of a math module with 2D and 3D vectors, example programs (camera, cameramove, camerapath, and objectpath), the introduction of paths, and the ability to attach a camera/object to a path.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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24 Sep 2003 04:31 tr0nix

Hm looks very good!

I've just read the manual and it looks very good! If I can really get this stuff running on my machine and develop stuff as "easy" as it seems I'm sure I'm gonna play around with it ;)


30 Jan 2003 04:04 ceejal

Programming Manual Releases
A full programming manual has been released to accompany the current version. It is a much more complete document covering all stable features of libL3D.

Downloads available from the sourceforge site.

26 Jan 2003 17:06 ceejal

Mail Me Feedback
Please mail me if you have any comments

Also, if you want to get involved that would be cool also. Hopefully this is going to be useful to people other than myself.


26 Jan 2003 16:59 ceejal

Re: L3d

> L3d does not seem to be receiving any
> support. The Source Page project CVS is
> un-maintained and the source code is not
> avalable for download.

I am still working on it, but the sourceforge downloads seem to be working fine for most people.

CVS is not being used at present (sorry, but as it's just me developing at present, I see no need)


16 Dec 2002 11:48 jeffcovey

Re: L3d

> the source code is not avalable for download.

The link works fine for me.


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