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The UNIX Joystick Driver Wrapper Library and Calibrator (libjsw) provides the programmer with the assistance to easily code applications that need to use the joystick driver and a convenience to users by storing the calibration information in a .joystick calibration file.

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  •  18 Apr 2004 00:32

Release Notes: Problems with the jscalibrator dialogs have been fixed, along with minor code clean up in libjsw.

  •  30 Apr 2003 23:33

Release Notes: A problem with loading the calibration file has been fixed in JSInit(). Ports for Win32 are now available, and you can now select the .joystick calibration file in jscalibrator's file selector.

  •  13 Feb 2002 08:59

Release Notes: Fully compatible with the libjsw 1.4.x series, this version features a set of additional axis precision and correction attributes, including dead zone and correctional coefficient support. The 1.5.x series will be backwards compatible with the 1.4.x series, although any programs linking to libjsw 1.4.x will need to be recompiled if you choose to upgrade. A new tutorial for the 1.5.x API is now online, giving examples for using all the new functions.


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