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Release Notes: jf_bench, the official benchmark tool was completed and the FAQs were improved.

Release Notes: Four new environment variables are now acknowledged by the library. The FAQ has been enriched.

Release Notes: The library has now been compiled and tested in Cygwin (Windows 2000). Some minor bugs in the case test scripts were fixed and some dependencies on the bash shell were removed.

Release Notes: A new "jf_recover" utility program was added. Its main features a "test mode" for checking the "recovery pending"/"journal damaged" status and a "perform mode" for fixing these after crashes. A new FAQ was added.

Release Notes: Two new utility programs have been added: "jf_leave" to allow a journaled file leaving a journal, and "jf_rename" to rename a journaled file. A minor bug has been fixed in some case test scripts.

Release Notes: Two new utilities were added: jf_create for creating a journal file from the command line, and jf_join for "transforming" a standard file in a journaled file. A minor bug in the "jf_journal_rollback_int" function was fixed and a little optimization was made for when "--enable-extra-check" is not activated.


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