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  •  24 Jan 2013 21:30

Release Notes: This version contains a new message retrieval backend Locale::gettext_dumb that provides message translation even when the locale data for the language in question is not installed on the system. Additionally, the test suite has been made more robust against missing locale data.

  •  15 Jan 2013 23:59

Release Notes: This version offers more compatibility of the pure Perl version with the C version of the gettext() family of functions, especially the way the environment variables LANGUAGE and LANG are handled. All open bugs have been fixed.

  •  29 Jun 2009 18:20

    Release Notes: This version has the test suite for the xs version of the gettext part of the library completely revamped, and will display much more informative results in case of failures.

    •  19 Jun 2009 13:48

      Release Notes: This version of libintl-perl fixes compatibility issues with Perl 5.6.2. It also fixes all open bugs.

      •  28 May 2009 08:29

        Release Notes: A cosmetic change was made to work around a problem with the PAUSE indexer (PAUSE is the CPAN upload server).

        •  26 May 2009 14:24

          Release Notes: This version features new context support, support for .po files with msgctxt, and appropriate supporting calls (*pgettext calls) under both gettext_pp and gettext_xs. received corresponding calls: __p __px __np __npx __xnp. A new alpha Locale::Util module was provided with some utility functions, especially for Web development. Code has been added to try to warn about incorrect usage of the tied hashes in Locale::TextDomain. All open bugs have been resolved.

          •  28 Sep 2005 04:34

          Release Notes: This version allows output filtering for translations. You can nor for example register a function that sets the utf-8 flag on translation. Additionally, a new function turn_utf_8_on() can be used to portably set the utf-8 flag on arbitrary strings, regardless of the underlying Perl version.

          •  01 Sep 2005 06:31

          Release Notes: This release features workarounds and bugfixes for misconfigured Solaris systems. The completely broken example has also been fixed. A section about non-ASCII msgids has been added to the POD of Locale::Messages.

          •  12 Aug 2005 11:26

            Release Notes: Fixes a fatal typo that may have prevented the XS version from being built.

            •  11 Aug 2005 01:05

            Release Notes: This release fixed a problem where parts of the test suite failed on systems with a limited set of installed locales. A bug that sometimes prevented the switching of languages at run-time was fixed.


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