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  •  06 Aug 2007 17:54

Release Notes: The license (BSD) has been properly documented, and the make system, versioned library, and test cases were cleaned up. A minor change was made to the API for loading files.

  •  27 Jun 2005 23:39

Release Notes: Support for doing MD5 signatures internally was added. Memory usage was cleaned up so that it can just use blocksize if need be (small device optimization).

  •  04 Jan 2005 14:34

Release Notes: Configure has been fixed so that it's now possible to put libid3 under another task and have autoconf work. The bug with building that caused "ranlib" error messages has been fixed.

  •  24 Oct 2004 12:17

Release Notes: Fixes for configure. Updates to the testing harness.

  •  02 Aug 2004 02:39

Release Notes: A pointer problem and a get_framesize bug were fixed. The GNU build tools are now used. Far more test cases and test infrastructure were included, and less memory was used by trying to only map data for the frame.

  •  19 Jan 2004 00:37

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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