Comments for The Hoard Scalable Memory Allocator

22 Nov 1999 00:18 emeryberger

Red Hat 6.1 problem FIXED
Version 1.3.1 fixes the problem (a deadlock caused by a malloc call within atexit).

19 Nov 1999 20:31 emeryberger

Red Hat 6.1 incompatibility
I've just learned that Hoard does not work with Red Hat 6.1 (it works with 6.0). The problem is in the version of libc. A workaround using the libc and libpthread libraries from the 6.0 distribution is described on the Hoard home page. I'll release a new version as soon as I find a workaround I can implement in Hoard.

30 Sep 1999 17:01 emeryberger

Hoard update (oops)
Someone pointed out that I had unnecessary dependencies on
iostream.h (an artefact of debugging), so I removed them and updated the tarfile, but unfortunately didn't do a "make clean" before testing it -- a test program produced in the build requires iostream.h.

If you downloaded this version (that's around 20-40 people before I discovered the error), try the updated version (1.0.1).



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