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LibGit2Sharp brings all the might and speed of libgit2, a native Git implementation, to the managed world of .Net and Mono.

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Recent releases

  •  03 Jun 2013 13:27

    Release Notes: This release added repo.Info.IsShallow and repo.ObjectDatabase.CreateTag(). repo.Reset can now append to the Reflog. repo.Diff.Compare() is now able to define the expected number of context and interhunk lines. TreeEntryTargetType.Tag is now obsolete. libgit2 binaries were upgraded to libgit2/libgit2@9d9fff3. The probing mechanism was changed to rely on specifically named versions of libgit2 binaries. Two versions of LibGit2Sharp can now run side by side.

    •  04 May 2013 18:05

      Release Notes: This release adds Repository.Refs.Log(), teaches Checkout() and Commit() to append to the reflog, teaches Refs.Add() and refs.UpdateTarget() to optionally append to the reflog, adds a Repository.Submodules namespace, adds submodule support to Index.Stage(), introduces an ExplicitPathsOptions type to control handling of unmatched pathspecs, makes Index.Remove(), index.Unstage()/Stage(), diff.Compare(), and Reset() accept explicitPathsOptions, adds an indexer to the StashCollection, introduces Reference.IsTag, reference.IsLocalBranch, and Reference.IsRemoteTrackingBranch, and adds Repository.IsValid().

      •  02 Apr 2013 19:56

        Release Notes: Updates the working directory on checkout. New network-related features: clone, fetch, push, and list remote references. Introduces Repository.Network.FetchHeads. New .gitignore related features: temporary rules and path checking. revparse support in Repository.Lookup(). Basic stashing support: add, retrieve, list, and and remove. Support for XDG configuration store. Exposes merge related information: Repository.Index.IsFullyMerged, Repository.Conflicts, and IndexEntry.StageLevel. Exposes the heads being merged in Repository.MergeHeads.


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