Version 1.1.4 of libgeotiff

Release Notes: Better configuration and installation logic, and serious fixes to handling of lambert conformal conic projection definitions.

    Other releases

    •  10 May 2010 02:21

      Release Notes: Updated to the EPSG 7.1 database. An upgrade to use the full automake/libtool/autoconf suite of tools. Various bugfixes.

      •  28 Jul 2007 16:06

      Release Notes: EPSG was upgraded to version 6.13, with new open source friendly license terms. Also a few bugs were fixed.

      •  03 Mar 2006 01:02

      Release Notes: THe library was updated to EPSG 6.9 tables. CylindricalEqualArea projection support was added. Some build related patches were fixed.

      •  30 Apr 2004 11:06

      Release Notes: This release has been updated to EPSG 6.5 coordinate system definitions. There are minor bugfixes and feature improvements.

      •  20 Jun 2003 15:36

      Release Notes: There are various bugfixes and some build improvements. "incode table" support has been re-enabled.


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