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Libfake437 is a cross-platform library for rendering code page 437 'graphics' (think 'ANSI art', ZZT, Dwarf Fortress, or Kingdom of Kroz). The library is written in C and uses SDL for drawing. The public interface is documented and should be reasonably intuitive.

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  •  08 Oct 2011 10:49

Release Notes: A new f437_surface_new_sized function was added. It creates a F437Surface of limited rows and columns, scaled as large as possible, and centred in the SDL_Surface.

  •  02 Oct 2011 16:33

    Release Notes: This release trims the interface down by adding a little state to F437Surface. It kills the F437Display abstraction and the C++ wrapper.

    •  02 Jan 2010 06:38

      Release Notes: There have been some changes to how the surface API frees memory. A layer-based abstraction called 'F437Display' has been added, with corresponding C++ class fake437::Display. The C++ API has been slightly enriched.

      •  28 Dec 2009 03:58

        Release Notes: Support for multiple (and user-defined) fonts, by way of the F437Font struct. The primitive interface needs the font passed in on every call, while the surface interface saves the font at surface creation. Use f437_get_font to get one of the pre-defined fonts: F437_FONT_8x8, F437_FONT_8x8_THIN, or F437_FONT_8x14. There is a new function f437_surface_try_new that doesn't abort() on allocation failure.

        •  25 Nov 2009 16:04

        Release Notes: Several texinfo-related documentation bugs were fixed.


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