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C++ Elliptic Curve Cryptography library

Libecc is a C++ elliptic curve cryptography library that supports fixed-size keys for maximum speed. The goal of this project is to become the first free Open Source library providing the means to generate safe elliptic curves, and to provide an important source of information for anyone with general interest in ECC.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Feb 2011 03:31

    Release Notes: An anti-aliasing bug was fixed, which is needed when compiling this library with g++ 4.4 or higher. asm clobber bugs were fixed for 32-bit assembly.

    •  02 May 2008 17:53

      Release Notes: The chapter "Cracking parameter b of the elliptic curve" has been extended. A formula is presented to calculate the number of points on y^2+xy=x^3+1 over GF(2^m) in O(m) time.

      •  09 Apr 2008 07:45

        Release Notes: This release adds support for x86_64 and has some more ongoing bspace adventure added to the documentation.

        •  22 Nov 2006 08:56

          Release Notes: This version brings the code completely up to date again with the latest of version of the working set (autoconf, compiler, etc.). The previous version was almost two years old and didn't even compile anymore.

          •  12 Dec 2004 10:23

            Release Notes: This release extends the library to also work with reduction polynomials of degree five (pentanomials). A new method is presented to calculate the trace of an element of a binary field in constant time without the need of precalculation.


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