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libdwarf reads and/or writes DWARF debugging information in Elf object files. dwarfdump uses libdwarf to read object files and print the DWARF content in a readable fashion. libdwarf implements the DWARF2 (and later) standard by providing function interfaces that abstract away many DWARF implementation details (the writer code only emits DWARF2 so far). The source also includes implementations of a few tree search (tsearch) algorithms (balanced, red-black, and binary).

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  •  14 Apr 2014 20:50

Release Notes: Libdwarf now follows the DWARF2 standard properly in reading DW_FORM_ref_addr. This is critical for properly reading DWARF emitted by the Go language compiler in a 64bit pointer object. The original DWARF2 standard is on, so it's been removed from the libdwarf source to save space in the release.

  •  10 Feb 2014 22:34

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the dwarfdump[2] so that parallel make works reliably. It removes remaining trailing whitespace. It moves tsearch test cases over to the libdwarf regressiontests repository, as the tests seemed too large to keep in the source.


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