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LibDsk is a library that attempts to create uniform functions for accessing floppy drives, raw "dd" disk images, and disk image files in various emulator formats. Its intended use is for emulator authors; it also includes some sample tools to read sectors from discs in CP/M, DOS, and Acorn formats. There is special-case code for direct access to the floppy controller under Linux, and to access the floppy driver under Windows. Java (JNI) bindings are included.

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Release Notes: Teledisk images using 'advanced' compression are now supported. The internal table of disk formats had become out of step with the dsk_format_t enumeration; this has been fixed.

  •  23 Jan 2008 13:33

Release Notes: This release should compile out of the box on FreeBSD. The rcpmfs driver does not give an 'overrun' error when configured to emulate a CP/M 2 filesystem.

  •  17 Dec 2007 09:16

Release Notes: This release adds minor compilation fixes.

Release Notes: Two new disc image formats ('logical' and 'teledisk') and one new disc geometry (TRDOS 640k) have been added.

Release Notes: The driver for CPCEMU disk images has been changed so that it more accurately reflects the behaviour of a real disk. The NTWDM driver's handling of tracks with more than one sector size has been improved.


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Project Spotlight


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