Version 0.99.41 of C++ Debugging Support library

Release Notes: This release adds support for g++ 4.0.2 and 4.1 (experimental). rpmbuild -ta should work again. A bug that caused a crash when dumping the type info of symbols of shared libraries that were already dlclosed again was fixed. Symbols of shared objects loaded on low addresses (before the executable) are now correctly resolved.

Other releases

  •  22 Jan 2008 23:22

Release Notes: An important bug has been fixed for the threaded case: libcwd_r uses several pthread_mutexattr_t objects, but never initialized those. This resulted in uninitialized memory being used, resulting in random mutex attributes. This is believed to be the reason that gcc-3.x locked up. That version of gcc is therefore now supported again. This version adds support for sparc64. All configure options now work also on 64-bit platforms. Support for the latest SVN version of gcc (4.3) was updated.

  •  06 Jul 2007 23:01

Release Notes: This release adds support for x86_64.

  •  23 May 2007 19:07

Release Notes: A new configure option to compile the library with -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG has been added. A bug where a small overrun of an allocated buffer with a size not divisible by four was not detected has been fixed. This release compiles and works (again) with the current SVN version of gcc (4.3).

  •  22 Nov 2006 00:55

Release Notes: This version works with gcc 4.2 (and the current 4.3 in SVN). The library now works completely on Debian. Support for debug symbol packages (*-dbg on Debian) was added: libcwd now reads both .debug/ and /usr/lib/debug/ debug files (as does gdb) when the original library is stripped.

  •  18 Dec 2005 21:28

Release Notes: This release fixes a few major bugs related to the determination of the load address of shared libraries. The allocator for g++ 4.0 and above that was added to 0.99.41 has been improved, speeding it up for the case of large numbers of allocations, and fixing the problem where memory-extensive applications might have been unacceptably slow with 0.99.41/42.


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